Report: Pixiv Cracks Down on Lolicon Artwork on Its Platform

By: Anime Herald July 31, 20180 Comments

Pixiv logoContent Warning: Includes full takedown notice from Pixiv, which contains a full description of allegations from the platform.

Earlier today, Otakomu reported that image sharing site Pixiv has begun to increase scrutiny of lolicon artwork on their platform. Images found to be depicting underage characters in sexual poses or situations are being removed from public lists, and artists are receiving a notice that reads:

[pixiv] Message regarding published works

From the Pixiv offices,

We’ve received reports from a third-party organization stating that the submitted image contains depictions of sexual acts against children.

The corresponding work has since been made private.

Lately, we have begun increasing our content monitoring efforts, and depending on the content, we will receive reports from the Internet Hotline Center, which is operated by the national police. You may be asked to prevent distribution of the work.

Thank you for understanding.

That is all, thank you very much.

Pixiv is an online community for artists, which launched in 2007. As of September 2016, the site boasts more than 20 million members and 43 million submissions. the site sees over 3.7 billion page views each month.

Source: Otakomu

Report: Pixiv Cracks Down on Lolicon Artwork on Its PlatformSamantha Ferreira

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