Report: California’s Secretary of State Lists Digital Manga, Inc. As Suspended

By: Anime Herald July 23, 20180 Comments

DMP Books Imprint LogoThis… this is bad.

Anime News Network reports that Digital Manga, Inc. was suspended by the Secretary of State of California. According to ANN, the company was suspended as of December 29, 2017, and the suspension remains current as of May 2.

A suspended business sees its rights, privileges, and powers suspended. This includes the ability to use the organization’s name in the state. A suspension typically stems from failure to file Statements of Information with the relevant office, and can be reinstated by filing said statements.

According to Anime News Network, this is the case for Digital Manga, whose latest Statement of Information filing dates back to April 8, 2015.

Digital Manga, Inc. was founded in 1996, and is headquartered in Gardena, California. The organization holds multiple imprints, including:

  • DMP Book (Main Imprint)
  • Juné (Yaoi)
  • 801 Media (Adults-Only Yaoi)
  • Project-H (Hentai)
  • “Manga Academy (“How to Draw” Books)

June Manga Imprint LogoIn addition, the publisher maintains DokiDoki – a co-branding initiative with Shinshokan to publish boys-love and shojo works. Digital Manga also owns and maintains the Akadot retail store.

Recently, Digital Manga has come under fire for failure to deliver on four separate Kickstarters that saw their operations stalled. This includes Kimagure Orange Road and Kodomo no Jikan. The publisher’s president, Hikaru Sasahara, issued a statement on the matter apologizing, and stating that rewards will ship “slowly but steadily.”

Source: Anime News Network

Report: California’s Secretary of State Lists Digital Manga, Inc. As SuspendedSamantha Ferreira

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