Nahoko Uehashi’s “Shika no Ou” Novels Get Anime Adaptation

By: Anime Herald June 20, 20180 Comments

Mr. Deer, you are the king of kings! Or something!

Earlier today, Kadokawa announced that Nahoko Uehashi’s Shika no Ou (The Deer King) novel series will receive an anime adaptation. As of press time, no further details have been announced.

Shika no Ou began publication in 2015 under Kadokawa’s main imprint. The series currently spans four compiled volumes, with the latest hitting stores on July 25, 2017.

Kadokawa describes the title as:

A father and daughter’s epic adventure starts now! A group of warriors undertake the role of fallen soldiers, as they step up to protect their homeland from the mighty empire, Toule (“Tsuru”) Doku. Van, who lost his wife and child to illness, was at rock bottom, as he battled against the depths of despair. He was captured, enslaved, and forced to work in the salt mines. One night, a group of mysterious dogs attacked the mines, causing a mysterious disease to break out. Van survives, and discovers a child named Yuna who also escaped infection. Together, the two survivors must confront a crisis that had never been seen before.

Nahoko Uehashi has been active in the industry since 1989. She’s written numerous iconic novel series, including Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit and The Beast Player. Uehashi is also Professor of Ethnology at Kawamura Gakuen Women’s University.

Source: Twitter (KadokawaBunko)

Nahoko Uehashi’s “Shika no Ou” Novels Get Anime AdaptationSamantha Ferreira

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