Iroduku: The World in Colors Launches Worldwide on Amazon; New Visual Revealed

By: Anime Herald October 5, 20180 Comments

Today, the world is bathed in colors, once more.

Earlier today, Iroduku: The World in Colors launched worldwide on Amazon’s Prime Video platform. In addition, the official P.A. Works Twitter account updated with a new key visual for the series. The image features the show’s leads standing in the rain, each holding a colored umbrella.

 Iroduku The World In Colors Visual

Toshiya Shinohara (Black Butler, A Lull in the Sea) will direct the project at P.A. Works, with Yuki Akiyama providing character designs. Yoshiaki Dewa (Flying Witch, A Lull in the Sea) is scoring the soundtrack.

Iroduku Sekai No Asukara Anime VisualThe confirmed voice cast includes:

  • Kohaku Tsukishiro: Kaede Hondo
  • Hitomi Tsukishiro: Kaori Ishihara
  • Shō Aoi: Shōya Chiba
  • Asagi Kazeno: Kana Ichinose
  • Kurumi Kawai: Nao Tōyama
  • Shō Yamabuki: Seiji Maeda
  • Chigusa Fukasawa: Ayumu Murase

Amazon describes the series as:

In a world in the future where magic is still a part of everyday life, 17-year-old Hitomi Tsukishiro, a descendant of a family of mages, lost the ability to see colors when young and has grown up into a girl devoid of emotion.

Source: Twitter (PAWORKS_eng)

Iroduku: The World in Colors Launches Worldwide on Amazon; New Visual RevealedSamantha Ferreira

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