IG Port Partners With NTT Plala in Capital Venture

By: Anime Herald May 8, 20180 Comments

IG Port LogoTwo giants are coming together to make anime… I don’t see a downside yet.

Yesterday, IG Port and internet provider NTT Plala announced that they’re entering a joint capital venture. The agreement, which will see Plala picking up 4.98% of IG Port’s outstanding shares, will see the two companies banding together to produce new content.

According to the report, NTT Plala and IG Port will join forces to produce content in five sectors:

  • Original Anime (Traditional)
  • Anime Projects (Smartphones)
  • Virtual Reality Video
  • Mixed Reality Video
  • Altered Reality Video

As of press time, no further details have been announced.

NTT Plala is a subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation, and operates the Hikari TV digital platform.

IG Port is an evolution of holding company IG Tatsunoko Limited. The organization was originally founded in December 1987 as a holding company for Production I.G. The company changed its name in July 2007, when Production I.G. and Mag Garden merged. Along with the name change, most of the former management and duties were transferred to Production I.G.

IG Port currently owns Production I.G., Mag Garden, XEBEC, SIGNAL.MD, and all associated subsidiaries. On November 1, the corporation established Lingua Franca, which is tasked with expanding IG Port’s digital publication efforts.

Source: Nikkei

IG Port Partners With NTT Plala in Capital VentureSamantha Ferreira

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