“I Want to Eat Your Pancreas” Anime Movie Gets New Teaser Trailer

By: Anime Herald May 7, 20180 Comments

Key Visual - I Want to Eat Your PancreasThis could become this year’s Your Lie In April, if the final film holds up.

Earlier today, the official website for upcoming anime film I Want to Eat Your Pancreas (Kimi no Suizō o Tabetai) updated with a new teaser trailer. The minute-long promo introduces the major cast members, as theme song Fanfare by sumika plays in the background.

Yesterday, we reported that the film will feature three songs by Sumika: the main theme song, the intro theme, and an insert piece.

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas hits Japanese theaters on September 1.

The project is based on a 2015 novel of the same name by Yoru Sumino. The feature revolves around a high school student, who discovers a “Disease Coexistence Journal” that belongs to his classmate Sakura. As fate would have it, Sakura has just one year to live, as she’s fighting pancreatic cancer.

The book follows the narrator’s journey through that year and beyond, as he recounts the time he spent with Sakura and (later) Sakura’s friend Kyoko.

Shin’ichirō Ushijima is directing the film and writing the scripts at Studio VOLN, with Yūichi Oka (To Love Ru: Darkness, Argevollen) providing character designs.

The confirmed voice cast includes:

  • Sakura Yamauchi: Lynn
  • Protagonist: Mahiro Takasugi

I Want to Eat Your Pancreas received a live-action adaptation in 2017, which starred Shun Oguri as the narrator and Keiko Kitagawa as Kyoko.

Source: Twitter (pKjd)

“I Want to Eat Your Pancreas” Anime Movie Gets New Teaser TrailerSamantha Ferreira

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