Go Nagai To Attend Anime Expo 2018 As Guest of Honor

By: Anime Herald June 8, 20180 Comments

Anime Expo is welcoming a truly brilliant pioneer this year.

Earlier today, Anime Expo announced that Go Nagai will attend this year’s event as a guest of honor. Nagai will host autograph sessions through the weekend, and contribute items to the annual charity auction.

In addition, Nagai will host the Cutie Honey Universe panel on July 7. The event will be held in Live Programming 2 at noon Pacific.

Go Nagai was born in Ishikawa Prefecture’s Wajima City in 1945. Nagai began his career as an assistant to Shotaro Ishinomori, and made his début as a manga artist in 1967, when Meakashi Polikichi launched in Kodansha’s Bokura magazine. In 1968, Nagai launched Harenchi Gakuen in the first-ever issue of Weekly Shōnen Jump. The work is often considered to be the first modern erotic manga.

Nagai founded Dynamic Productions in 1969, which was intended to manage Nagai’s relations and contractual rights to his properties. In 1972, Nagai would go on to simultaneously create Devilman and Mazinger Z. Mazinger Z proved to be another highly influential title, spawning the now-iconic “super robot” genre of anime and manga in its wake.

In 1973, Nagai launched Cutey Honey in Weekly Shōnen Champion magazine. The work, while originally aimed at male readers, is often credited as one of the first “magical girl” titles.

Nagai’s work would go on to inspire more than 100 anime projects, as well as numerous live-action adaptations.

Source: Anime Expo

Go Nagai To Attend Anime Expo 2018 As Guest of HonorSamantha Ferreira

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