Denpa Details Releases for Futurelog, 2 More

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From visions of the future to tales from the rails, Denpa has you covered.

Over the past two days, publisher Denpa’s official Twitter account announced new details on three of their titles. The publisher detailed the following:

  • Futurelog by Range Murata
  • Maiden Railways by Asumiko Nakamura
  • An Invitation from a Crab by panpanya

We break the details down below.


Futurelog Art Book cover

Futurelog will hit stores in “Late 2018/Early 2019”. Denpa describes the title as:

A 280 page artbook collecting twenty years worth of his cover art, comics and character designs.

Futurelog first hit Japanese retailers on February 27.

Maiden Railways

Maiden Railways Japanese Manga Cover

Maiden Railways will hit retailers in the first quarter of 2019. Jocelyne Allen (translator: My Lesbian Experience with Loneliness, Kase-San and Morning Glories) was tapped to translate the title for Denpa.

Denpa describes the title as:

One volume anthology, collecting a variety of thoughtful and heart-warming train themed romances from legendary women’s anthology RAKUEN ~le Paradis~

An Invitation from a Crab

An Invitation From a Crab Manga Cover

An Invitation from a Crab will hit stores in the fourth quarter of 2018. Denpa describes the title as:

A collection of whimsical shorts that inspire readers to search for the details of the everyday world around us, from a darling of Japan’s indie comic scene.

panpanya’s An Invitation from a Crab began publication in Hakusensha’s Rakuen Le Paradis magazine. The title was released as a one-shot in April 2014.

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Denpa Details Releases for Futurelog, 2 MoreSamantha Ferreira

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