Astro Boy & Black Jack Star in “Crystal Crisis” Switch Game

By: Anime Herald May 10, 20180 Comments

Well, you said you wanted a new Astro Boy game… right? …Right?

Crystal Crisis - Cinematic Still

Earlier today, game publisher Nicalis announced that they will release a new game for Nintendo Switch, titled Crystal Crisis. The title, which is described as a “puzzle fighting battle”, is a competitive puzzle game, a la Puzzle Fighter, which pits two players against each other.

The publisher released a trailer for the game, which leads off with an animated scene, before diving into gameplay.

The confirmed roster, per the video, includes:

  • Astro Boy
  • Black Jack
  • Helen (Original)
  • Hunter (Original)
  • Elise (Original)
  • Ninja (Original)
  • Quote (Cave Story)
  • Curly Brace (Cave Story)
  • Ballos (Cave Story)
  • Isaac (The Binding of Isaac)
  • Princess Solange (Code of Princess EX)
  • Aban (1001 Spikes)
  • Tina (1001 Spikes)
  • Jim Hawkins (1001 Spikes)
  • Akuji (Akuji the Demon)
  • Knight (Hydra Castle Labyrinth)
  • Johnny Turbo (TurboGrafx 16 Mascot)
  • President Thompson (The Tempura of the Dead)
  • Zombie (The Tempura of the Dead)

According to the news blast, each character will have their own stage, musical themes, and voice-acted specials. The title will hit stores this fall, with a suggested price of $39.99.

Crystal Crisis - Key Visual

Source: Twitter (Nicalis), Nicalis Blog

Astro Boy & Black Jack Star in “Crystal Crisis” Switch GameSamantha Ferreira

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