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Continuing our 2017 yearbook.

In February, I realised for the first time how important LGBTQ+ women are to Anime Feminist. Anything we put out relating to Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid got a huge, enthusiastic and nuanced response from a range of queer women and femmes.

It’s hard to remember now, but at that time I was still in the mindset of defusing potential tension with would-be critics. The team had consistently reminded me that we should be focusing our efforts on the people we wanted to be in our community, not those we didn’t want anywhere near it. This was my first time really getting a taste of how rewarding that could be.

I also wrote a post that is perhaps the piece of my own writing that I’ve linked to most since starting AniFem: on problematic translations. I still feel strongly about this, it still comes up regularly, and I’m thankful to have an article I can just link to whenever it does. (Though there is another article on that subject that I link to even more, which will come up a little later in the yearbook.)

A young man (Viktor) with bangs falling across his face sits outside and looks at someone out of frame. Subtitles: "Do you have a girlfriend?"

Around this time, I looked back at our original vision and mission statement and objectives. This is a document I emailed to any writer I thought might be interested in joining us. I realised that while the Links posts helped point readers in the direction of new feminist content, we didn’t yet have a way to highlight the great amount of feminist work from before we existed.

So I started Throwback Thursday posts to serve that purpose… and, as with many things I’ve tried, it quickly faded. Looking back, it’s no surprise; any process that relies on me personally making regular time to complete a task is doomed to failure. The idea itself was solid though, and I look forward to having enough money to pay someone to take it on.

One experiment that has been an unqualified success is our podcast, Chatty AF! It was my first time speaking with the rest of the team beyond DM or chat, and I was terrified. I got even more stressed by the technical requirements and showed up late because I had to stop everything, have a panic-cry and calm down before I got near a microphone.

…However, it turns out podcasts are really fun and I like them a lot! (I’m recording two this Sunday.)

Three young women sit at a table wearing headphones. There are microphones in front of them. The one on the right is short-haired wearing glasses and looking nervous, the one in the middle has long pigtails and looks confident, and the one on the left has long hair falling over her shoulders and looks calm.

Also, it turns out Team AniFem are pretty great to hang out with! For a bunch of strangers who came together to run a niche site, we’ve turned into good friends. This podcast was my first time really experiencing and understanding that. It led directly to my decision to book tickets to the US for the summer’s conventions, which I did on the last day of February.

The podcast also sparked me thinking of other ways to offer patron rewards. Patreon rewards have been a constant process of trial and error– personal emphasis on the error. Remember my comment above, about how any process relying on me to complete regular tasks is doomed to fail? And my comment yesterday, about how I don’t like to ask people to work for free? This is where that clash of traits has had the biggest impact. I’m still working that out.

Fortunately, our patrons are among the best, most committed and most understanding group out there. While I know we’ve lost a few over my haphazard approach to rewards, many more have stayed and offered vocal support. (I see every one of you, and you have no idea how much I appreciate you.)

I think it’s telling that in last week’s Patreon fee kerfuffle, we lost only $6 of patronage (which we have since acquired enough new patrons to offset, and then some). People who support Anime Feminist do so because they believe in what we’re doing, they know how valuable their money is to us and can see exactly how it gets used. It took me a while to figure that out – as you’ll see in an update later in the yearbook.

A girl (Utena) with long shoulder-length hair wearing a dark uniform stares forward, unsettled, as three identical boys wearing glasses crowd the frame around her, their hands to their ears as if listening to a secret.


[Feature] The powerful women of Trigun by Elena M. Aponte

[Discourse] Why aren’t problematic translations fixed? by Amelia Cook

[Discourse] “I am not a doll”: Rei Ayanami, escapism, and objectified images of desire by Nicole Veneto


[AniFemTalk] Yuri anime and manga

[AniFemTalk] Feminist friendly – and unfriendly – ships

[AniFemTalk] What exclusive content shall we give our patrons?

[AniFemTalk] Black fan magic


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[Throwback] Revolutionary Girl Utena


Introducing the AniFem podcast: Chatty AF

[Podcast] Chatty AF 2: Revolutionary Girl Utena Retrospective

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A young woman wearing glasses flips excitedly through a book.

January: And a Nazi in a pear tree…

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