By: Vrai Kaiser September 15, 20200 Comments

I have an undying, practically unconditional love for Natsume Yujin-cho so all the OVAs from that series are instant win for me. I somehow missed the Sound! Euphonium OVA the first time. This was before I watched Violet Evergarden. On rewatch, I can't help but see Hazuki as the spitting image of a teenage Ann Magnolia. it was a nice behind-the-scenes story, retelling the events of Episode 13 from the perspective of Ann.. i mean Hazuki and Team Monaka as they work hard to support the club members who beat them out for spots on the competition roster. Oh yeah, the Violet Evergarden OVA too... because Irma's song at the end reminded me of the climactic song at the end of given. Even though the musical styles and even the very worlds in which the songs are sung differ, both songs are about missing someone you love, someone who will never be with you ever again. I guess the Free! OVA is on Funimation. Adding to my already long to-watch list...

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