By: Vrai Kaiser March 15, 20220 Comments

I've read nearly all of CLAMP's series that are available in English (not up to date on CCS: Clear Card and have yet to actually finish RG Veda.) They were hugely influential on both my reading tastes and also my writing style. I often say I have a love-hate relationship with them because, to me at least, their works run such a wide gamut of quality. There is a lot about the body of work that I admire wholeheartedly, and there is a lot that annoys me endlessly. My favorite manga by them is xxxHolic. I absolutely love the core cast, the episodic stories, and the aesthetic. (And the ending of the main series absolutely infuriated me lol.) Close seconds: Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and Tokyo Babylon. As for anime, it's got to be Cardcaptor Sakura for me. I love how the anime expanded on the manga storyline/cast, and the entire show is so gentle and iconic. Close seconds (cheating): CLAMP in Wonderland and CLAMP in Wonderland 2.

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