By: Vrai Kaiser October 13, 20200 Comments

Favorite: I will be honest and say that this is a particular subgenre that I haven't been able to enjoy as much as it seems others do. I prefer Bold Girls Doing Bold Things over Cute Girls Doing Cute Things, and the latter seems to overlap quite a bit with lady-led slice of life - so while I really like slice of life, I usually watch shows with mixed-gender casts. That said, I did quite like Aiura (which is a short with girls just hanging out after school), Wasteful Days of High School Girls (funnier than I expected), Hitoribocchi (quite sweet), After School Dice Club (lines up with my interest in board games), Encouragement of Climb (another short, focused on hiking mountains), and Please Tell Me! Galko-chan (also a short, and rather funny). Huh, I guess I prefer this kind of story as a short rather than in full-length episodes. Comedy versus Drama: I'm not that into drama in the first place, and I prefer my drama to be paired with action, which is a non-overlapping category with slice of life. So by default, comedy!

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