By: Vrai Kaiser January 12, 20210 Comments

Overall Favorite of 2020: Hmm. Let me split this by season, because otherwise I will be caught in Analysis Paralysis. Winter 2020: Toilet-Bound Hanako-kun. Spring 2020: Princess Connect Re:Dive. Summer 2020: Appare-Ranman. Fall 2020: it technically doesn't count, but roughly 12 episodes aired in the fall, so Idolish7 Second Beat!... which is also the winner of the year as a whole. More People Should Be Talking About: Same seasonal deal. Winter 2020: Uchitama!? Where is My Tama?. Spring 2020: Kakushigoto. Summer 2020: not applicable - plenty of people talked about Deca-Dence and iirc I only watched two summer shows. Fall 2020: if it counts, The King's Avatar 2; if it doesn't, Golden Kamuy 3. Just Disappointed, Really: There's not enough of these to do seasonals, thankfully. Wandering Witch: Journey of Elaina sticks out. Distant runner's up would be Arte and By the Grace of the Gods for being historically inaccurate and boring, respectively.

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