By: Vrai Kaiser April 12, 20220 Comments

Favorite New Show: hmm. I'm going to say Ryman's Club even though it's not done and could still crater. Runners-up would be Sasaki & Miyano and The Orbital Children. Favorite Sequel: probably Princess Connect! Re:Dive, with Case Study of Vanitas as runner-up. I'm a little surprised that those were the only sequels I watched! Since I didn't have any disappointing sequels, a new third category must be made... Shows I Liked But Can't Recommend Without Caveats: My Dress-Up Darling for fanservice of teens and a younger child (I don't recall if she's a preteen, but I *think* she's a very physically developed middle schooler) and a brief occurrence of false rape accusation as a threat; Miss Kuroitsu From the Monster Development Department for repeated use of the involuntarily-trans character in assault and misgendering jokes. I really did enjoy both shows, but I had to turn my brain off on occasion (including most of one episode in which the middle schooler is having trouble keeping her chest inside her shirt).

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