By: Vrai Kaiser January 11, 20220 Comments

Heike Monogatari and Ranking of Kings are pretty much tied in terms of my enjoyment, but I guess if I had to choose I'd pick Heike since it is fully completed. My favorite carryover was Aquatope, I didn't get around to Let's Make a Mug's continuation, but look forward to that later. Outside of what felt like a limp final episode, I was pretty surprised by how invested I got in Taisho Otome Fairytale. It wasn't mind blowing by any means, but it was better than I expected after the first couple episodes. A slightly disappointing outcome for me was Komi Can't Communicate, which I enjoyed, but which felt a bit oversold to me. Usually, my enjoyment of it was directly tied to how involved Najimi was in a given plot, and every other character just felt rote at best and yikes at worst.

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