By: Vrai Kaiser October 6, 20200 Comments

This season is loaded for me I think there are more shows I want to watch this season than the last few seasons combined. I really want to see the Toji no Miko OVA, Healin good precure is still ongoing, Kuma Bear, Adachi, and Elaina. I watched Golden Kamuy Seasons 1 and 2 recently and I'm glad I put it off until now so that I didn't have to wait for season 3. I also liked what I've seen from Yashahime so far. The new Love Live was good and apparently Bushiroad is doing a show about DJs. As for Assault Lily, the Valkyrie show, the rock climbing show, and Talentless Nana I don't know if I'll keep up with all of them, but they all had fun first episodes. Also another strike witches show is coming out this season. I've never watched strike witches before and I'm curious how it is. I also think their are some ovas or shows I might be forgetting haha.

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