By: Vrai Kaiser July 6, 20210 Comments

I'm excited for The Case Study of Vanitas but I'll probably wait for the 1st cour to be over I'm looking forward to Kageki Shoujo cause we're not receiving many shows like these lately(I know the 1st ep is out but I haven't had the chance to watch it yet) I saw The Detective is Already Dead and although I wouldn't say I loved it but it definitely got my curiousity as to where it might go from here The aquatope on white sand seems interesting but I'm worried it will go the direction of queerbaiting considering what it's about. Lastly Jahy-Sama is one I'm looking forward too cause it's such a fun and comfort series(though a bit mean to the mc at times) and Silver Link is really good at that sort of stuff(also 2-cour is really rare nowadays for these shows)

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