By: Vrai Kaiser March 9, 20210 Comments

I really like Adachitoka, the creators of Noragami. Adachitoka is a pair of women, one is the background artist and the other draws characters. What's really interesting about these two is that they are very private individuals. Besides their last names and hometowns, not much else is known about them. As far as I know, Adachitoka has done exactly one interview, in the style of a manga, which talked about their struggles early on in their careers. Noragami is one of the few manga I've managed to stick with for the past few years. Adachitoka loves to drop visual foreshadowing - throwaway background elements from the first few chapters have been revealed to be deliberate choices with future ramifications. Absolutely stunning full page panels! I always get giddy when those show up.

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