By: Vrai Kaiser January 4, 20220 Comments

Looking forward to the most: Requiem of the Rose King and Tokyo 24-ku, probably! I haven't read the manga for the former, so I'm excited with a hint of caution based on the things I've heard/seen. With the latter, I know the production issues are infamous at this point, so I'm trying to lower my excitement and expectations - but the concept is the exact kind of stuff that always appeals to me, so we'll see. *points at header* Sasaki to Miyano too! Continuing series: I'm excited for more Ousama Ranking, of course, darling of the season it ended up being. And I'm excited for Vanitas to come back because I'm completely in love with Noe and also, like, the show is good I guess lol (I truly did enjoy it, and am looking forward to reading the manga at some point). On the complete other end of the spectrum, I'm still watching Platinum End, because it's just such a disaster that I unfortunately need to know where it's going. Total car crash. I am rubbernecking the hell out of this show. I hate everything about it, and yet here I am, caught up. Sigh. A shame-watch if there ever was one. Sequels: I'm now realizing that MAL has Vanitas listed as a "second season", so maybe that should have gone here. Woops!

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