By: Vrai Kaiser November 3, 20200 Comments

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu. It's probably the only josei I have on my favourite anime list (but not my favourite manga series, which currently also has Genbu Kaiden - which apparently partially ran in a josei magazine despite starting out shoujo - Clamp's Clover manga and the one josei Hypnosis Mic manga, which is the one based around Fling Posse and Matenrou). I have yet to read the manga, but I shelled out for my first Humble Bundle for it so I am getting to it eventually. SGRS is special because it not only looks at a dying artform, but also manages to make itself a more-than-competent human drama, spanning multiple generations without being overly stretched out. I don't think I have a favourite josei artist due to lack of exposure to the demographic, though I'd like to read more if I could access it legally. (It being in Japanese is not an obstacle, because I've studied enough Japanese to read any raw manga with a dictionary at hand - it's just that josei doesn't get a lot of published stuff on the English side, or a lot of exposure full stop, so mostly I just don't know it exists or I mistake shoujo for josei or vice versa).

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