By: Vrai Kaiser March 2, 20210 Comments

The Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun anime stands out as a really strong adaptation. The manga itself is great, but the anime truly enhanced the comedy with its timing, music, vocal performances and so on. The way they adapted (and in some cases padded) the manga's material also made the story feel more rounded out and complete. I feel similarly about Natsume's Book of Friends. The anime took every great about the manga and polished it, while also adding in the features a manga can't deliver like a pleasing color palette, relaxing soundtrack, and so on. Descending Stories is a case where it feels like it was meant to be shown on a screen all along. The manga is well-done, but being able to actually see and hear the performances makes a huge difference. To this day, I'm wowed at all the resources and talents that went into making that anime so great, especially considering what a financial risk it had to be due to the subject matter/lack of broad audience appeal.

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