By: Vrai Kaiser July 28, 20200 Comments

I haven't actually watched that many magical girl shows but I'd say my favorite girls are Princess Tutu, and Cure Amour from Hugtto. Single MGs are also more likely to catch my eye for some reason? It's just when I look at a poster or a clip from a show and there's this superpowered girl doing her own thing, it's somehow more striking than when you have a team of palette swaps... especially if it's a LARGE team. But it's not necessarily a dealbreaker, it's just team shows tend to look more cookie-cutter to me and thus less likely to catch my eye. So relatedly, I don't really look much for 'archetypes' and I'm not sure which ones would be my favorites. I just tend to favor the girls who are a good mix of "very good, doofy gal" and "tragic backstory," ahaha. I don't really watch enough of "dark" magical girl shows to have much of an opinion on their archetypes, though on a side note I feel it might be more accurate to distinguish them into all-ages MG shows vs. adult MG shows? "Dark" feels a bit more vague of a term since I see it used to indicate anything from "It's a show made for and appropriate for little girls but the plot has serious stakes at hand and I don't associate those with kid's shows," to "this show includes depictions of realistic violence and gore and explicitly tackles triggering issues." (Is this pet peeve brought about by people going "Oh, Princess Tutu is SUPER DARK, it's like Madoka but BETTER" and totally misrepresenting the show and what ACTUALLY makes the show good? Yes. Yes it is.)

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