By: Vrai Kaiser September 8, 20200 Comments

K-On!! - A noticeable change in color scheme, character development, pacing, etc. Some major characters are still infantile, but there are subtle signs of growth and maturation - like Yui - the most infantile of all - taking care of her sick sister and being inspired to write "U & I". This is where Naoko Yamada came into her own as a director. She and her staff did their best to transform these male-created female characters into slightly more realistic versions of their manga counterparts without losing the light-hearted comedic spirit of the show. Also, I think of this season as the birth of the modern KyoAni style - the way hair is animated, the way character faces look in profile - especially the eyelashes, sky shots, cherry blossom petal shots, backgrounds, etc. Favorite arc this season was the Romeo and Juliet one, because of a feminine character was drafted to play Romeo and Juliet was played by the tomboy. Yowamushi Pedal - First season was good fun, but 2nd season was revved up because it's the Inter-High season, complete with the emotional finish to the big race. Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions - Really picked up when the Saturn girl entered the fray and the episode that introduces her is doubly hilarious because of the cross-dressing scene - not the cross-dressing itself but the character interactions around it. I think the Sleep battle episode is in this season too and that one was also hilarious. There's some queer-baiting in the final episode - I was ok with it but not sure how others would react. They leave the sexuality of the character involved kind of ambiguous, although there's no question about the other character, who only appears in that episode. Oh, and trigger warning for the episode in which a decidedly underage character is stalked by an adult predator... and Rikka gets bopped on the head a lot though that's not new to the 2nd season.

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