Viz Launches “Viz Originals” Original English Manga Imprint

By: Anime Herald March 18, 20190 Comments

Viz Originals LogoOn March 16, Viz Media announced that they will launch a new imprint, named “Viz Originals.” The brand will be dedicated to publishing original, English-language graphic novels, with a focus on “manga-inspired” creators. Executive Editor Fawn Lau will helm the brand, which will see its first titles launch in 2020.

According to the press release, the Viz Originals format will feature “a premium cover treatment” and “larger trim size”, and works will read in traditional left to right format.

Lau commented on the announcement, stating “We’re thrilled to support and contribute to the comics community through the VIZ Originals imprint […] There are so many extraordinary creators telling exciting stories in the style they love. We’re proud to be able to nurture this new generation of manga-inspired creators.”

Viz has since published a guide for hopeful authors to its website. In addition to in-person portfolio reviews, Viz will launch a web submission portal by the end of 2019.

Source: Viz Media (Press Release)

Viz Launches “Viz Originals” Original English Manga ImprintSamantha Ferreira

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