Tsugumomo Gets Second Season & (Possible) OVA Project

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Earlier today, the official Tsugumomo anime website announced that the series will get a second season. A trailer and visual, as well as the core staff for the new project, titled Tsugu Tsugumomo were revealed. In addition, a potential OVA project was also unveiled.

We break the details down below.


The two-minute teaser summarizes the events of the second season.

Teaser Visual

The image features various stills from the first season, along with text confirming the new season’s production.

Tsugumomo Season 2 Visual


Ryōichi Kuraya is returning to direct the project and tackle series composition duties at Zero-G. If funded, Kuraya and Zero-G will also be attached to the OVA project.


The staff will launch a crowdfunding campaign on March 7. The drive, which aims to raise three million yen ($26,856.15 USD) by April 26, will raise funds to produce a ten-minute OVA.

The OVA will be a “somewhat ecchi” episode, which contains material that wouldn’t be able to be shown on TV. According to the campaign, the episode length and count will depend entirely on funding raised by the campaign. If funded, a manga will be produced, which will be bundled with the OVA in 2020.

Tsugu Tsugumomo will hit Japanese TV in 2020.

Tsugumomo is based on Yoshikazu Hamada’s manga series of the same name. Ryōichi Kuraya is pulled double duty on directing and series composition at Zero-G. Kiyotaka Nakahara (Green Green, Doki Doki School Hours) provided character designs.

Crunchyroll streamed the title as part of their simulcast lineup. They describe it as:

One day Kagami Kazuya, a completely ordinary boy, suddenly encounters Kiriha, a beautiful girl in a kimono. Even though Kazuya has no recollection of meeting her before, Kiriha calls out “Long time no see” to him. It turns out Kiriha is actually a tsukumogami whose true identity is the precious obi Kazuya carries around that used to belong to his late mother. All kinds of bizarre phenomena unfold around the sadistic beauty Kiriha in this supernatural action comedy!

Source: Comic Natalie

Tsugumomo Gets Second Season & (Possible) OVA ProjectSamantha Ferreira

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