[Review] Nanbaka – episode 1

Four quirky criminals have managed to break out of prisons around the world, but now they’re locked in a cell together in a prison that prides itself on a perfect record of no escapes. This doesn’t faze the foursome, who enjoy their life of air-conditioning, good food and internet access. Still, they are professional escape artists, so they slip out of their cells whenever they fancy it and make a bid for freedom whenever they can – not an easy task when the prison is crammed full of booby traps and enthusiastic guards.

[Review] Trickster – episode 1

Akechi Kogorou is a detective working with the police to investigate a suspicious incident with a security robot. Kensuke Hanazaki is a teenager in the Boy Detectives’ Club. Working on a case one day with the assistance of frill-loving shut-in Noro, he comes across Yoshio Kobayashi, a boy with a destructive force around him that slices through anything before it can get close enough to make contact.

[Review] Magic of Stella – episode 1

Tamaki is going to a new high school and keen to find her passion. She wanders through the after school club fair in search of a pastime she feels drawn to, with no luck. She enjoys playing a video game made by the SNS club, but leaves the stall convinced she would have nothing to contribute. However, something about the prospect of making a game and the girls who run the club has captivated her, and she makes the decision to join anyway.

[Review] Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru – episode 1

Okay. Here goes. In the year 2205 a group of, like, 15 attractive guys who were actually swords belonging to famous historical swordsmen in real world Japan live together in a traditional Japanese house, from which they travel through time to prevent the History Retrograde Army from changing history. If you were won over by “15 attractive guys” this could be for you. If that didn’t make its own case, this is probably one to miss.

[Review] Tiger Mask W – episode 1

Three years after watching their master defeated by his opponent playing dirty, Takuma and Naoto are looking for the wrestler who beat him, Yellow Devil, so they can to take revenge. They work independently, Takuma seeking to enter the Yellow Devil’s sponsoring organisation while Naoto continues training in private, but their paths are about to cross again.

[Review] Magical Girl Raising Project – episode 1

Koyuki has always loved magical girls, but now she’s in middle school all of her friends have grown out of it. The only chance she gets to indulge in her passion is in smartphone game Magical Girl Raising Project. However, one evening the game tells her she has been selected to become a real magical girl, just as she always wanted! The only thing is that she’s not the only one, and not everyone is thrilled to meet her.

[Review] WWW.WAGNARIA!! – episode 1

When Daisuke Higashida’s father goes bankrupt, he needs to find a part-time job to pay for his own phone bill and school commute. As an elite student he doesn’t really want to work, aware that his grades will probably suffer, but accepts that he has no choice and looks for work at the most convenient location he can: nearby chain restaurant Wagnaria.

[Review] Izetta: The Last Witch – episode 1

Princess Finé is travelling covertly from her country Eylstadt to Britannia, to negotiate with the Allies for military support before her country is invaded by Germania (in a conflict that is definitely not World War II). The journey is dangerous, and while evading capture she comes across a capsule, strapped shut, with what looks like a girl inside.

[Review] Bloodivores – episode 1

Bloodivores are vampires, which in this world came about because of pharmaceutical side effects. Some bloodivore kids who grew up at an orphanage together commit a bank robbery for some reason, and when it turns out 15 people were killed at the robbery they are arrested and tried for murder. One of the kids is half-human and known as the Child of Peace, and has a fractious relationship with his dad, who  heads up the bureau charged with dealing with bloodivore crimes. That all said, you are very unlikely to care about any of these people by the end of the first episode because Bloodivores hasn’t got a clue how to tell a story.

[Review] Time Bokan 24 – episode 1

Tokio is a teenage boy who is terrible at keeping time. Running late to school one day, he is in the wrong place at the wrong time when a giant mechanical beetle spaceship appears out of nowhere. Its pilot, a girl named Calen, drags him inside the beetle to safety before jetting off to evade their pursuers. Tokio learns that Calen and her sidekicks are from the 24th century and travelling through time to record real history as it actually happened. Her pursuers are from the company that writes the universe’s history textbooks, trying to stop her from completing her missions so they don’t have to make the edits required to their publications.

[Review] DREAM FESTIVAL! – episode 1

Kanade Amamiya is an athletic high schooler at a loose end since he quit soccer for completely avoidable and ridiculous reasons. Scouted by an idol agency, he initially has no interest until interacting with boyband members in training (with conveniently contrasting hair colours and aesthetics) brings out his competitive side. If he joins the agency, he will have to work hard with the other rookies towards a performance at DREAM FESTIVAL!, an event where the agency decides which of them will form groups and debut as idols. If he doesn’t join, he gets to carry on his part time job of handing out balloons to small children for no apparent charge. This is a difficult decision which he ponders for most of the episode.