Mexico Takes Top Honors at the 2018 World Cosplay Summit

By: Anime Herald August 6, 20180 Comments

Mexico brought the (sonic) boom to the World Cosplay Summit yesterday!

Over the weekend, countless fans of cosplay flocked to Nagoya, Japan for the World Cosplay Summit. The event saw representatives from thirty countries attend, including the United States, Japan, and Mexico.

This year, Mexican group Banana Cospboys which consists of Luis Gamboa and Eduardo Peralta, rocked the house with a stellar display as Dhalsim and Chun Li from Street Fighter II. The duo dominated the event, winning six out of nine awards, including “Best Cosplay:”

  • Best Cosplay
  • Air Asia Award
  • Perfomance Award
  • RINN Award
  • Azur Lane Award
  • NicoNico Award
The Banana Cospboys stand triumphant at the World Cosplay Summit, standing in costume as Chun Li and Dhalsim from Street Fighter II

Image Credit: World Cosplay Summit

The full skit can be seen below:

Mexico previously took home the gold in 2015, when Twin Cosplay (Shema Arroyo and Juan Carlos Tolento) performed.

Sources: Mantan Web, El Siglo de Torreón

Mexico Takes Top Honors at the 2018 World Cosplay SummitSamantha Ferreira

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