By: Vrai Kaiser March 13, 20180 Comments

Iyashikei is one of my favorite genres. There's so much to like about them. Not only are they calming, they really make you think about life, or at least, that's to me what a successful anime of this genre does. One of my favorite iyashikei series is definitely Aria. It has three seasons of beautiful scenery, a peaceful setting, and all female characters who are well developed. It's a touching series that really gets you attached to the characters and has a lot of positive and heartwarming messages. I definitely recommend it! Hakumei to Mikochi is also very good. It's very true to its manga counterpart, and it's relaxing but also a little adventurous. And of course, many awesome female characters. It's a sleeper of the season, and more people should check it out. The OST is beautiful too!

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