By: Vrai Kaiser September 11, 20180 Comments

Oh my goodness. I'll never forget this anime, because I took my grandma to a con with me, and she abandoned me to binge-watch this while I had to wander the con alone. x'DD; TTuTT Admittedly, I skipped the show initially because of a weeb/otaku friend who was into it, but I watched a bit at the con at that time, and it was hilarious and refreshing. I still need to go back and watch, but it's also just interesting to me that a lot of shows really can't emulate this. Shojo manga are pretty good on/off about showing the female lead is thirsty, or at least some level of eager or curious. But it's never really handled well in ecchi anime, and especially not from a female perspective. 3 •Reply•Share › − Avatar Panino, o Manino puchinri • 20 hours ago What? You mean, you GRANDMA is the one that went to watch this? What's the story? How this happened? •Reply•Share › − Avatar puchinri Panino, o Manino • 12 hours ago Yes, lol. She just happened to stop in one of the halls where they were playing anime. She stopped for a rest, and they put the show on and she had a great time and wouldn't leave. I was pissed at first, but I ended up watching a bit and finding it funny too, and looking back, the situation was hilarious.

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