By: Vrai Kaiser February 5, 20190 Comments

I live in anisolated city with just one con per year that I try to attend, so my experience is minimal. I'm a 40+ balding white guy so basically I look like your stereotypical creep. I am therefore super concious of my behaviour around younger people at cons and with cosplayers in particular. My own personal rules are: 1.) Be respectful! Cosplay is NOT an invitation for familiarity! ALL the rules that apply to social interactions with strangers IRL still apply with Cosplayers at cons! While I might internally "squeeeee!" over a beloved character on the inside, I never, ever forget that this is a fan who is here to have fun playing that character, NOT the character! 2.) No touching. Ever. This is basically an automatic extension of personal rule 1, but I'm putting it here for clarity. 3.) I do not take photos. If I love somebodies costume, I will very, very occasionally ask if there is somewhere that they post photos online, but for me making some 19 year old feel uncomfortable because I want to photograph the awesome attention to detail of their home-made gothic lolita cosplay is just plain shitty behaviour. 4.) Keep it brief - Admire, congratulate, move on. Hanging around or (worse) following around is just plain creepy. These rules suit me and my con experiences, but they will probably be lacking for anybody younger and more gregarious.

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