By: Vrai Kaiser January 9, 20180 Comments

My first anime was Saturday mornings with Battle of the Planets, the terrible Americanized version of Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. I'd love to see it get Netflix's Voltron treatment, but frankly, they are similar enough I don't know why anyone would bother. Conversely: Science. Ninjas. Whose costumes are modeled after birds. There are also a lot of potential pitfalls. I'd love to see them go the Netflix Voltron route of switching one male hero to female, but make it the muscle or the reckless one. They could probably do some interesting things with the villain's species. In the original, the big bad's second in command was a member of an androgynous, shapeshifting, single-sex species. If they gave that species more backstory and perhaps rogue members who align with the team, that would be a lovely change from all the standard two gender aliens in sci fi, as well as some non-binary character who, you know, aren't villains.

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