By: Vrai Kaiser December 4, 20180 Comments

The best anime adaptation from a western media in my point of view was Shōjo Cosette based on The Miserables from Victor Hugo. I mean, not only it beats every movies ever made in term of respecting and honoring the original plot, following the characters, stop cutting important plot points from the original novel, but it had an amazing music, amazing voices, beautiful picture, a lot of really emotional moments (as for the original) and the best adaptation (graphic novels, movies, manga, etc.) that I ever saw, and I try to read and watch them all. It perfectly capture the social aspect of the novel dear to Hugo (on themes like poverty, child abuse, government intervention, caring justice, stopping the horrible detention and torture of convicts, education, social redistribution of wealth, etc.) It's the first anime I saw (I think) but I rarely had this much enjoyment of a TV series in my life. It made me cry so much too. Definitively a must.

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