By: Vrai Kaiser January 2, 20180 Comments

What were your favorite shows of the season? - Land of the Lustrous; March Comes in Like a Lion; Girls' Last Tour. What shows were you excited for but wound up disappointing you? - Inayushiki (Dee warned us. I didn't listen :'[.); Kino (wtf); and Juuni Taisen (booooring). What shows wound up being happy surprises? - Land of the Lustrous. It started out on my "To Watch Sometime Later Maybe" because my initial roster of shows was so packed. Once a few of of them didn't survive past by the fourth episode I decided to give it a go. It's rare to find a show that's a narrative and aesthetic feast: such marvellous colour design and striking action scenes. The story *clutches chest*. Phos has my heart in Chain Jail. After episode 7 I had to take a break and wait until episode 10 screenshots were in circulation before I could continue. I still wasn't ready. I bought the manga but I haven't read it yet. I need to wait a little before I experience all those highs and lows again.

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