By: Vrai Kaiser October 31, 20170 Comments

The Vision of Escaflowne might be a fun one, although maybe spaced out a while from Fushigi Yugi; vintage shojo iyashikei has a special place in my heart and Escaflowne is a well-executed example with a great female lead. Rose of Versailles is another good vintage shojo option! Sangatsu no Lion has neither a female protagonist nor lgbtq text/subtext (afaik) but it's one of the few recent anime to go beyond 2-cour and deals with themes of depression and abuse with some great female supporting characters. I'm currently kind of stuck at the beginning of the 2nd cour, so a watchalong might motivate me to actually finish it. A more niche, artsy title like Gankutsuou (hey, gay/queer characters!) could be another interesting prospect to draw eyeballs to more complex underappreciated series--though idk how long Gankutsuou is, maybe it would be better suited for a retrospective.

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