By: Vrai Kaiser July 31, 20180 Comments

Yumi Tamura is a big one for me. She definitely has some triggering content in her manga, but I appreciate how varied and diverse her characters are. And I find her stories and their themes to be very charming. (Hope she works on something new soon!) Io Sakisaka is another, because her slice-of-life stuff is really refreshing. It's not better than some others, I just really appreciate her art style and how realistic but still exaggerated her characters and situations can be. Mizuho Kusanagi has become a huge fave. Because of Yona, I got into NG Life, and I also want to get into Mugen Spiral. I don't want Yona to end soon, but I also can't wait to see what she does next. I have a few others, but I think those are my stand-out faves. As far as classic. . . I'll go Riyoko Ikeda and Kaoru Tada. I haven't got a lot of RoV direct exposure, but I have a big soft spot for Oniisama e/Dear Brother. And I love both Ai Shite Knight and Itazura na Kiss a whole lot. Ooh, and almost forgot Kyoko Hikawa! For newcomer. . . maybe a Ribon manga-ka? Not sure who I'd say here. x'D; Or maybe the Wold Girl and Black Prince manga-ka? Frankly, as far as licensing goes, shojo always get the short end of the stick. There's such an incredible range and variety of shojo manga out there, and we barely get the tip of the iceberg with any of it. From classic to slightly older, or newer stuff. It actually really pisses me off, and I hope it'll change. Incredible but unsurprising that we can get so much monster girl, harem, etc and yet. . . no shojo. Not sure how accurate it is, but it certainly feels like even most of the yuri we get comes from magazines for men, and I wish that would change. (And of course, that geikomi would see licensing too.)

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