By: Vrai Kaiser May 29, 20180 Comments

I buy physical copies regularly, though I only actually started doing that last year. Over the span of about 6 months I've racked up about 60 different series and films. I plan on getting more but my pace has slowed down now. I try to go for Blu-ray releases wherever possible, but if a series isn't available on Blu-ray I'll settle for a DVD. The biggest reason I decided to start buying them was because licensing can be a real hassle. While Crunchyroll, HiDive, Amazon and the like make watching anime way easier, if the license expires without a renewal...well you're out of luck! And sometimes they don't really come back (looking at you Paranoia Agent and basically the entirety of Satoshi Kon's work). I also just like having a library that I can look at without having to go to a site and check a watchlist or anything. Not to mention it's an easy way for me to recommend stuff to people. They can check what I have and see if anything sounds appealing. Especially nice for people that might not usually watch anime or don't follow new releases too closely. Expanding people's horizons and all that. If I liked a series enough I'll get a collector's boxset, but that depends on what it's including. If it's just some art cards then I typically won't bother. Some I might get only if I see them on sale. Free! was a good example of that. Doesn't include anything beyond a chipboard box, but I got both of them for $30 each. The deal was good so I grabbed it. By and large though just being able to get a physical copy is enough for me.

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