By: Vrai Kaiser March 27, 20180 Comments

A Place Further than the Universe, no contest. The latest episode actually made me cry. It's been consistent solid storytelling with a lovable cast of complex girls and nice animation. The episode that explicitly stated you don't have to forgive people who are shitty to you in order to move on was so nice. No real surprise faves from me- I didn't expect APFU to be so darn good, but it was clearly solid from the beginning. As for disappointments, The Ancient Magus Bride's final episode was such a rushed mess that completely glossed over very serious issues between Chise and Elias that really need at least a whole arc to be dealt with- Elias needs to actually prove to Chise he's changed, they need some space apart, but nope, the anime just acts like it was a cute misunderstanding despite treating it with gravity earlier. That's not even getting into the creep factor. I hear this was the episode where the anime overtook the manga, and it really shows. Hopefully the manga's conclusion to this conflict will be better in every way. I'm glad I was never super invested in the show at any rate, if i had been that finale would have really devastated me. The new Cardcaptor Sakura has been dragging as well, though it picked up a bit the last couple of eps. Only mild disappointment there really- it remains a cute and pleasant watch and I never felt big frustration.

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