By: Vrai Kaiser October 23, 20180 Comments

So.... "That" happened. There's not too much that I can say that hasn't been repeated by far more precise individuals than I, but what I do want to say is thank you to the internet communities that have helped me realize that I was trans, and also thank you to the anime communities with like-minded individuals. I can honestly say that I wouldn't be watching anime again if it had not been for AniFem and others that I have found through them, to look for good representation and discussions in a medium that, much like America, has plenty of Bad but it's the good small parts that matter the most. Especially where I live (The South[tm]), there's not a whole lot of positivity towards minorities. Anime and adjacent queer communities on the internet have been a huge part in helping me somewhat understand who I could possibly be. Anyways, I hope you're all safe wherever you are.

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