By: Vrai Kaiser January 23, 20180 Comments

-What’s your favorite show so far? This is a strong season for me overall (I'm watching 13 shows at the moment), so it's hard for me to decide from the new titles, but I think Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc is a good balance of nostalgia and making the series feel fresh again. Also the art is gorgeous. -What got a three-episode try, only to disappoint? School Babysitters. It seemed like a cute, harmless show and then suddenly they introduce a pedophile character played for laughs, and that threw me so badly that I dropped it before the episode was over. Kokkoku has a lot of potential story-wise, but after that sexual assault threat at the end of episode 2 I've been putting off watching episode 3. I'm debating whether to give it another shot, or wait until the season is over to see if it's worth continuing. -What looks promising, but you’re maybe not sure yet? Devilman Crybaby. I've heard both a loooot of hype and a loooot of potential issues with this series, but I'll probably get around to it at some point. -Which show totally surprised you? Sanrio Danshi like others have said, but also IDOLISH7. So far both are shows about Good Boys with zero toxic masculinity and good character work. IDOLISH7 also has really good music, which you would think would be a given for music-themed shows but this is hands down the best I've heard from the genre (at least from the shows I've seen). Not to mention that in general this seems to be an anime season where there's been several shows that involve instances of men openly complimenting other men's appearances without it being made into a joke or Gay Panic.

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