By: Vrai Kaiser November 21, 20170 Comments

Male gaze is inherent to the works made by cishet men. It's not just about camera work. It's an eye that holds the vision of patriarchal values: a tributary condition of domination culture, not a matter of conscious choice. Mulvey in her original essay even argues that the language of film itself was created by men for men and therefore male gaze is inherent to any work made using it. I'm not willing to go as far, but it's an important point to consider. Fanservice is a form of aggressive, deliberate sexualization (and objectification) that depending on a point of view can be seen as/linked/separate from male gaze. Ethical objectification in a patriarchal society is impossible similarly to ethical consumption under capitalism. Having said that, I believe in necessity to explore sexuality not grounded in masculinity, maleness or phallocentrism. Sexuality which puts masculinity and femininity on an even ground or prefers feminine subject to masculine. And lastly: not everything is black and white (though a lot is), there are grey areas and polarizing pieces of media. It's crucial to examine these to determine the factors responsible for such disparity in opinions, open a conversation and learn from the experience.

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