By: Vrai Kaiser August 21, 20180 Comments

Hello, friends at AniFem. As I am currently locked on Twitter, I have decided to make my way to your comments section to preach the gospel of the pinnacle of the "shitty cute girls comedy" genre, an overlooked and under-respected show – Kill Me Baby. Kill Me Baby is the story of two brats, Sonya and Yasuna, the former being a professional assassin and the latter being dumb as a box of rocks. Together, Yasuna annoys the crap out of Yasuna and Yasuna retaliates as you might expect a hot-tempered high school-aged girl with assassin skills would: violently. But there's no blood, which makes it good. The show has exactly one joke, and it runs the joke into the ground so hard that it comes out on the other side of the globe with a freshness that only the truly enlightened can grasp. In short, please watch Kill Me Baby, it is my favorite anime comedy, and if you watch it and hate it absolutely do not call me out. Thank you!

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