By: Vrai Kaiser November 20, 20180 Comments

I recently bought a Yorimoi-Tshirt on pre-oder. Pre-order sales make sure you produce exactly the amount needed, and there's less waste, so I think it's more ecological. Maybe that's an option for some products. And I second the wish for practical items. Oh, but I actually like stickers! Honestly, the biggest hurdle for me is usually art, and when it comes to that, you can never please everyone. But if you have characters on your products, showing different body sizes and types would be great. An AniFem-Tshirt featuring unique characters, maybe. An AniFem-Tshirt featuring unique characters drawn in different art styles... Now that'd be awesome! (*laughs evilly because I bet reading all of these "we want everything but with hundreds of options" is probably torture for you guys* Haha. Sorry!)

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