By: Vrai Kaiser February 19, 20190 Comments

An unusual choice, but I greatly prefer the Ouran High Host Club anime over the manga. This is in large part due to its shortness more or less removing a lot of the romance/harem stuff from it. In the end, to me, the anime felt more like a show about friendship among people who were all very different from each other in terms of class standing, orientation, gender, and so on. I feel that Haruhi ultimately accepting that, yeah, she really does like Those Damn Rich People as her friends was a good enough finale. I don't need a harem of the boys vying for her affections and her learning to embrace femininity and removing her agency. ALSO, big one is Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. Don't get me wrong, the anime has some REALLY REALLY NOT GOOD STUFF still, but it very much decreased the amount of THAT STUFF. When it was fully off the rails in things like the Christmas Play episode or the Apartment Hunting episode, it was truly at its best. And oh dang that finale episode. Kobayashi was turned from a gag and perv comic into an incredibly sweet story about found family and queer romance with a pretty heavily autistic coded main character. I just really hope that as we're getting a season 2 it'll just stray further from the source material and reduce, or outright drop, the crappy elements that held the show back.

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