By: Vrai Kaiser December 19, 20170 Comments

Baccano is certainly a case where I enthusiastically recommend the dub over the sub. The translators and voice actors just really captured that sense of Americana that a Japanese production could not. In terms of individual performance, I LOVE Alessandro Juliani as L in Death Note-- I wish he did more voice work for anime! His L is honestly one of the best voice performances I've ever heard. For manga, I really appreciate William Flanagan's work on xxxHolic. It's the kind of series that features a lot of significant vague talk and double meanings and he always did an excellent job translating it for an English-speaking audience. His translation notes at the end of each volume were also a special treat-- and very educational! Speaking of translation notes, I really admire the work that Toshifumi Yoshida and Carl Horn do on The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service. The translation does a great job of capturing the unique voice of each cast member and the gallows humor of the series. The extensive notes in the back are worth the price of admission alone IMO.

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