By: Vrai Kaiser September 18, 20180 Comments

I actually just binged Tatami Galaxy and really enjoyed it, so i'd definitely recommend that for a college-set coming-of-age story. It's the story of a guy who wants to have the most perfect college experience, which he believes boils down to which club he joins at the beginning of the year. The anime follows him as he tries out a bunch of different clubs and explores his personal shortcomings that leave him unsatisfied no matter which club he joins. It's also directed by Masaaki Yuasa, so the animation is gorgeous. For high school stories, I'd recommend Kimi to Boku and Daily Lives of High School Boys. Kimi to Boku is the story of five boys in high school who hang out but aren't necessarily friends. The show is really down to earth and really relatable. Daily Lives of High School Boys is a sketch comedy about the stupid things high school boys get up to in their free time. This one comes with the warning that some of the sketches are a bit questionable, and the ending sketch High School Girls Are Funky doesn't give the most positive representation to it's girl characters. However, when the jokes land, they really land. In particular I want to shout out the insanely hilarious Literature Girl sketches.

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