By: Vrai Kaiser October 16, 20180 Comments

I like the watchalongs a lot, especially when it helps me learn about a new to me series I wouldn't have otherwise watched (like Dennou Coil), and I get a lot more out of shows when I get to read/listen to/discuss them in some way. I'd love to see a readalong too (this may have been done before and I just missed it?). I'm also a bit of a history nerd, and I'm drawn to articles that discuss the history of a genre, or anime/manga history in general. Genre recs are always good (horror manga/anime recs for Halloween, maybe?) I love recommendations for new material to read and watch but I'm always wary of content I don't want to deal with, and I know that any recs here will at least provide warnings for that sort of thing. So that would be a great resource.

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