By: Vrai Kaiser November 7, 20170 Comments

I think my favorite female friendships that come to mind are Nana and Hachi (Nana), the ladies of Amamizukan (Princess Jellyfish), and the trio of main characters from Himegoto. Nana and Hachi while they come from different backgrounds and have different experiences with family and love they still develop a deep friendship and support each other. The ladies of Amamizukan are all fangirls of various things that don't align with the others but they still accept their fangirliness and later support each other when they try to save their home. The college aged trio of Himegoto-Juukyusai...are two women and a fluid man, who each struggle with their gender and sexual identities and while their relationship becomes at times co-dependent they eventual find healthy expressions they're all happy with.

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