Sazae-san comic (6)

By: Dee September 13, 20170 Comments

A four-panel comic. A man is walking along a path near a sharp incline with a set of stairs built into it. The man trips and says "Bad start to the new year!" In the next panel, two women walk down the stairs and the man, still laying on the ground and looking up at them, says "Maybe not so bad..."

About the Author : Dee

Dee has worn many hats at AniFem, including editor-in-chief, contributor liaison, and PR rep. She's mostly retired now, but the staff still lets her hang out and write sometimes. When she isn't facilitating Team Rocket's takeover of the website, she spends her free time devouring novels and comics, watching too much anime, and cheering very loudly for the Kansas Jayhawks. You can read more of her work at The Josei Next Door or hang out with her on Bluesky, Tumblr, or Twitter.

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