Magus manga (8)

By: Dee November 27, 20170 Comments

Two manga panels. In the top one, a girl wearing a blanket on her head and a chain around her neck looks warily at a masculine form in a suit with a horned skull for a head. In the bottom is a close-up of the same girl, no longer with a collar around her neck, looking upset. The girl says "No one but Elias. He took me in when no one else would. That's why I won't PRY when he doesn't volunteer information. I don't bring up subjects he'd rather avoid. I want to make myself the kind of person he doesn't mind having around."

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Dee is a manager, editor, and writer for AniFem. When she isn't facilitating Team Rocket's takeover of the website, she spends her free time devouring novels and comics, watching far too much anime, and cheering very loudly for the Kansas Jayhawks. You can read more of her work at The Josei Next Door or hang out with her on Tumblr or Twitter @joseinextdoor.

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